by Domingo Milella

Feb 2013

Domingo Milella, photographer, born in Bari on 26/12/1981.

The perfect breakfast

Just like in Paris, in Bari you have brioche and Café Creme, although here you call it Espressino.

Your favorite home delivery

Pizzeria Arco della Neve, near the Cathedral… the delivery boy is called Antonio, he is 12 and he rides his motorbike better than Valentino (Rossi)

Your best kept secret place

Bari Provincial Art Gallery with wonderful artworks from Vivarini and Giovanni Bellini.

The Sunday Lunch

At my Granma’s eating tomato sauce pasta with braciole meat before going to the football stadium to see Bari playing.

Your Anniversary restaurant

At my mum’s.

Dinner with friends

At Pizzeria Arco della Neve, again, the one that is managed by Giuseppe Zaccaria, the boss of my friend’s Antonio who is faster than the light in delivering everywhere in the old town of Barivecchia.

If you lost your keys, in which hotel would you spend a night?

Motel Agip, on the highway to Brindisi, with sea views in the suburbs that is half industrial half holiday destination.

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