Montauk, NY

by Jayma Cardoso

Sep 2013

Jayma is owner and founder of The Surf Lodge in Montauk.


The perfect breakfast

My ususal, Naturally Good Market, I get Egg and Sausage with Cheese sandwich. Although, the cheese isn’t really cheese an the sausage isn’t really sausage, both made from soy, but they both taste like they are the real deal. Fresh squeezed orange juice and a coffee. And then just sit on the beach and watch waves roll in.

Your favourite home delivery

Hmmm, home delivery in Montauk is a challenge. It’s not New York City, where you can have anything and I mean anything delivered. So, Chinese take-out. Chicken Brocoli. Delicious.

Your best kept secret place

Off Old Montauk Highway, right before you pull into town there is a scenic overview. You can only park there for an hour, and I mean an hour, they love tickets in East Hampton, but walk down to the beach, nobody is there and an hour of sun is perfect at times.

The Sunday lunch

St. Peter’s Catch. I get a Lobster Roll to go, and blue fin tuna dip, with container of Jalapeno’s and sleeve of Ritz Crackers. You can eat on the picnic benches, but beach is blocks away, so walk a few blocks, food tastes better by the ocean.

Your Anniversary restaurant

It would be Dave’s Grill. It’s so quaint and it’s one of my favorite places to dine period, the food is better than the ambiance, which is saying a lot.

The dinner with friends

Crow’s Nest. Nice view and lively, good place to gather with friends and find out what tales they have from the beach, boat, waves or day.

If you lost your keys, in which hotel would you spend a night?

Hmmm, my friend Patrick’s place. The Blue Haven Hotel. It’s up by the harbor, I can call him any time and if I lost my keys it sounds like a late night. If not there East Deck Motel, it sits on Ditch Plains, so, crash of waves is nice way to fall asleep.

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