Traveler’s Picks

by João Rodrigues & Andreia Revez

Jul 2014

Do you remember the pen pals we used to have immediate bonds with? The relationship with João and Andreia started in the same way, we were drawn to them because of their poetic properties built with intelligence, craftsmanship, respect of the surroundings and love for nature. We have many mail exchanges and sometimes they are delicate distant symphonies, just like with João and Andreia. “Andreia did a degree in occupational therapy, but with no spare time, looks after our 4 children, the logistics around the houses and helps me with the bookings. I am an airline pilot for TAP for almost 20 years as well as a flying instructor and passionate about flying. I have the responsibility of searching and developing new projects, integrate tour work with architects and engineers. Share the bookings and looking after the press. We both that the passion for travel and developing new projects and travel concepts”. 

If you could close your eyes and be somewhere else, where would you want to be?

Reading a book at HortaNoTempo our most recent project, the process of building an original walled garden in the shape of a labyrinth. Also built as a square structure, this will comprise of one hectare of interconnected areas which will be the home for a surprising miscellany of cultivated flowers and vegetables as well relevant agricultural structures to the area. This original garden will function like an artists palette displaying all sorts of visual and sensory delights, craftily combining and juxtaposing elements that will guide visitors on a dreamlike journey from start to finish.

The restaurant where you feel at home.

Pensão Flor in Alcácer do Sal. It’s place where you are invited to the kitchen, where the soup arrives on a pot, where tables are shared between guests, where the food is slowly prepared just like at your grandparents house, where you are questioned if you don’t finish up your meal…

A hotel room that makes you nostalgic.

Sleeping at the little CabanasNoRio, making you feel part of the nature, waking up and having breakfast out side, being surprised by the tide and watching the birds… Leaving the Cabanas on a bicycle and cycling through the rice paddies before getting to the beach…

A travel you could do over and over again without getting bored.

Mozambique, in Africa, a place where you can get lost, where the light and the natural beauty of the landscape surprise you over and over… where the people transport you on a journey to the past…

A dish that recently surprised you.

A sea food polenta prepared at CasasNaAreia after a clams picking on the beach in Comporta…

A holiday place from your childhood.

“Ilha do Farol” a small fisherman island just off the south coast of Portugal near Olhao… where small fisherman houses are rented during the summer, you only get there by boat and there are no cars, ideal for children to run around…

If a kid asked you to take him/her on a trip, where would that be?

Definitely to Ilha do Farol…

If you could choose a dream place to celebrate what would that be?

CasaNoTempo a hideaway in lost Alentejo… a meal outside at sunset on long table in the middle of nowhere…

A view you will never forget.

The scenario when you horse ride with CavalosNaAreia in Comporta over some sand dunes, on one side the green rice paddies and on the other side the Blue Atlantic Ocean, with Serra da Arrabida as a background.

Your Meraviglia address that can’t be missing from our collection.

You choose… I love most of them!

A place you wish it was just round the corner.

The Azores deep blue under water since we love scuba diving.




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