Bagni Da Giovanni

Ancona, Italy

May 2013

It was by pure chance that Lee Marshal discovered Bagni da Giovanni. He was writing an article about the beach resorts on the stretch of coast near Ancona for the English magazine “The world of interiors”. He loved the place so much that not only he included the restaurant in his article, but also decided to come back on holiday with his family. At the time, Mrs Cori had just finished renovating the resort she’d inherited from her parents. The authentic atmosphere from the old times she so carefully preserved keeps seducing her clients today: the white and blue beams, the wisteria-covered veranda, the ivy and the old fishermen’ nets, the family pictures and the vintage ice-cream ads on the walls. 39 wooden cabins, all numbered, stand opposite the restaurant as if they were defending the tables and the kitchen from the moods of the sea, just like a fortress. Every morning Mrs Cori stretches tagliatelle in a small room that smells of eggs and semolina. Her “padellata” (tagliatelle with shell fish ragout served in a big aluminium pan) is so famous that they come from afar to try it. The magazine with the review is still on the table at the centre of the room. In it, the article entitled “Coast Modernist” by the British journalist narrates of this enchanted place.



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