Milan, Italy

Jul 2015

Sitting on a sorbet-coloured chair and ordering a rice pudding or a frolla by Marchesi. Sitting on the same chair – or a different colour one – at lunch break and ordering a gourmet sandwich in Bar Luce, devised by one of your favourite film directors. Wandering from exhibition to exhibition and taking your daughter to the children area on the first floor. Getting lost in the library, open 24/7. Watching an auteur film in the cinema. If there is a more wonderful way to start a day in Milan, we do not know it yet, and we are more than satisfied to head once again for Fondazione Prada, in Milan’s south area. Applause.

Words Laura Taccari

Photo Attilio Maranzano, Bas Princen. Courtesy Fondazione Prada

Translation Alessia Andriolo


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