Big Sur

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sep 2017

“The question I will try to answer is, 'Why do men wander rather than sit still?’” – wrote Bruce Chatwin to Tom Maschler once.

I travel looking for what I know and for what I still don’t. I am certainly looking for my first Paris, the prows where I hid as a child, the luxury palmchat nests and the Sardinian clouds, Hudson River when it leaves behind the last New York City blocks of flats, and the Caribbean after Cape Town.

Where Avenida Cervino and Ortiz cross, I found the perky lightness of a Saturday morning in Los Angeles, and the sharp feeling of welcome and spontaneity Argentinian families have in common with Southern Italian ones. For the first time, I tried the genuine, true, generous taste of the pampas and received my favourite portion of Palermo. A ‘fashionable’ eatery of basic design and generous menu that serves memorable hamburgers, and also a precious collection of homemade beers, perfect fries – like chicken and pakoras de acelga (kind of battered Swiss chard) – and a selection of exotic dressings. All raw materials come from family fields, organic and seasonal, rigorously ‘estancia-to-table’.

Words and pictures Laura Taccari. Translation Alessia Andriolo. An artisanal travel experience curated by Mai 10.


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