Bjork Swedish Brasserie & Side Store

Milan, Italy

Jan 2015

We love Northern Europe and Nordic food. We love the way they capture light in their buildings and plates, and the way design permeates everything they do. Bjorkman is a project (a work of research, selection, combination, and actualization) as well as an amazing restaurant-brasserie with a small food store. It first opened in Aosta in September 2012. Our meal starts with soft sliced aniseed bread and salty butter mousse. The menu is a mix of tradition and evolution. There’s a table for any occasions: a round table under a bright chandelier for a meal with friends, a small square one for an intimate vis-a-vis and a long ring-shape bar counter with stools to share, like in a sushi bar. Buy blackberry jam, homemade apricot and cardamom chutney or gravad lax (salmon marinated in salt, sugar and dill), prepared according to the original recipe. You will feel like you’ve been on a journey to Sweden. Nicola Quadri’s elegant architecture and interiors meet Julien Chiudinelli’s culinary expertise and Giuliana Rosset’s passionate entrepreneurial spirit applied to Nordic lifestyle. Thank you Bjork for opening in our Milan.

Words Paola Corini

Translation Raffaella De Tommasi



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