California, USA

Jun 2016

After you spend a few days wandering outdoors in the Bay Area, an open fire will not be a discovery anymore, but Camino’s is highly imaginative. A lively wood hearth, as big as the mouth of Pinocchio’s whale, and a large counter where Chef Russell Moore’s kitchen team prepare the orders of an extraordinary brunch: two perfectly fried eggs, the best herbs sausages of the house, brandy-coloured potatoes cooked in duck fat, thick doughnuts with roasted apricots, and a homemade jam of vegetables. A copy of ‘This is Camino’ will go straight into your bookshelf. Allison is the woman in a simply perfect duo, and Oakland a joyful-tale place to which you will think immediately you have not devoted enough time.

Words Paola Corini. Cover Photo Luca De Santis. Translation Alessia Andriolo.

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