Portonovo, Italy

Aug 2013

We left our heart in a bungalow in the Big Sur, in an Alpage in Megève, in a riad in Morocco and in the rooms of an Art Nouveau palace in Anversa. They’re all unforgettable places we sometimes remember with a bit of nostalgia, as we know we probably won’t be able to go back to. When we find a Meraviglia place close to us, the beauty of it is that we can visit it again. Clandestino is one of them. We know that every summer it’s there, beyond a forest and its scents, between sea, rocks and wind, waiting for us to come back once the season starts. We go there (and go back again) for a “Happy Sandwich” at lunch (a toast with smoked salmon, provolacheese, courgettes and sweet and sour sauce), or for a “Tuna tataki” with conditella (a light tomato, onion and cucumber sauce), colatura d’alici (sardine sauce) and Verdicchio (white wine)in front of a pastel sky at sunset or also for a candlelit dinner of “British susci”. 100% Meraviglia, 0% nostalgia.

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