Farmer and the Cook

California, USA

Aug 2016

There are no reasons why one should not come back to the Farmer and the Cook every hour of the day, every day. After the yoga class with live music in the nearby studio or a visit to the farm located just across the street, for instance, or riding a bike down the green cycling route which runs parallel to the village, or on Sunday night, to eat the wood-baked pizza topped with vegetables grown by Steve in his garden. Swiss Chard Enchilada (two corn tortillas stuffed with beet, pumpkin, cashew cheese, red onions and a sauce made of pumpkin seeds and home-made chili) and Banana Bread served in the morning can become addictive. This Mexican vegetarian cafe-market is perfect for Ojai and has everything that can make one happy.

Words Paola Corini. Translation Margherita Di Giovannantonio.

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