Stockholm, Sweden

Jul 2014

Stockholm, Östermalm, 8pm, 6 June 2014. An intimate room with tables dressed in white linen, copper furniture with emerald blue glass and an open plan kitchen. Past the bar you can see two bouquets of wild flowers. Young guys and girls wearing chocolate brown aprons disappear behind the glass, looking for a plate in a cloud of vapour, then they take flowers from the bouquets, cut brown bread and slice a piece of toma cheese with herbs, put it on a plate and hide it under a lid. Their movements are a display of fine elegance. They come to the table and lovingly explain every dish on the menu. We tuck our teeth into crunchy crisps that transport us to paths covered in leaves in autumn. At the end of this culinary journey we are not in Stockholm anymore and it’s not 11pm on 6 June 2014. We are elsewhere, in a different time that, outside these walls, has not arrived yet.



Potato crisps with a taste of the forest

Brioche made of spelt flour from Warbrokvarn with homemade cream cheese and green juniper berries

Chicken liver with meringue and apple

Quail egg, marinated in our housemade pea soy sauce

Raw mushroom with cream of toasted yeast

Algae broth with lovage

Sourdough bread made of spelt from Warbrokvarn

Crisp bread made of spelt from Warbrokvarn

Butter from Vilhemsdal dairy

Smoked mackerel with green strawberries, acidulated cream and cucumbers

“Ängamat”, vegetables in season

Langoustine from Fjällbacka with emulsion of their heads and kohlrabi

Spruce-grilled wild turbot with grilled scallions and spruce shoots

Vinegar-baked brisket and sweetbreads of spring lamb with nettles and wild garlic

Frozen spruce with cucumber and spruce shoots

Ice cream of first rhubarbs with woodruff and sorrels

Milk, cheese and whey from Löftsa dairy farm

Crispy oats with honey and dandelions



Text Laura Taccari 

Translation Raffaella De Tommasi

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