Happy Girl Kitchen

California, USA

Jun 2016

Come rain or shine. Whatever the weather in San Francisco, the Saturday morning farmers’ market in the historical Ferry Building along the Embarcadero will be joyfully crowded. When it rains, the Happy Girl Kitchen’s stall and its founders, self-assured thirty-year-olds, will make any single glass-pot shine, whether it contains Meyer lemon marmalade, fruit syrup, or freshly picked pickles. ‘Your mission in the next few days is to find us in Pacific Grove,’ they tell me. I will go there on purpose a couple of days later, driving south from San Francisco, towards the Big Sur. I will find a bright café, the Arcade Fire filling the air lightly, Cayley – the sweet baker with a denim apron, a peaked cap and round glasses, and the best freshly picked and fresh smelling meal in the Monterey Bay.

Words Paola Corini. Traslation Alessia Andriolo.


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