Paris, France

May 2014

A few blocks away from the Louvre the inebriating smell of Asian food reaches you and takes you to the little Parisian Tokyo on Rue Saint-Anne. Many of these restaurants offer quick and tasty meals. Stop at 2, Rue Villedo if you are looking for the perfect spot for a relaxed lunch with someone special. The room is long and narrow, the antique clock hanging on the wall, the wood panels and the mirrors remind of an elegant restaurant carriage on a train from the start of the century. Try the delicate salmon onigiri: black seaweed, white rice and pink fish presented with all the elegance and attention to details that are so typical of Japanese culture. Or order a hot pot of traditional Japanese spaghetti stretched by hand. This is the temple of udon. Yet, every single dish is a delight, including the peach sorbet.


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