La Clinica Gastronomica Arnaldo

Emilia Romagna, Italy

Dec 2018

Saturday is market day in Rubiera. We cross the general gaiety that enlivens the routine of towns and neighbourhoods every week and go to Arnaldo’s for lunch. Therefore, we are in the right mood when we read the menu. You come to Arnaldo’s for fresh pasta, boiled meat and for the wonderful mustards. You come here to admire the ritual of sharing and pleasure that still holds something sacred, especially in some Italian regions. You come here to listen to anecdotes about Arnaldo entertaining his guests by singing and playing the violin; about young Enzo Ferrari, who came here to dine and watch the first TV; and about Lucio Dalla being ‘scolded’ by waitresses for wearing an inappropriate vest. This is a temple of Emilian classics, today run by Arnaldo’s grandson and his wife, who protect it from modern influences. ‘Since 1936, cooked over a low flame’.

Words and pictures Laura Taccari. Translation Alessia Andriolo.


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