La Finca – Ibiza Food Studio

Ibiza, Spain

Jan 2017

“The sea defines us, connects us, separates us. Most of us experience only its edges, our available wilderness on a crowded island […]", wrote Philip Hoare in his wonderful book The Sea Inside. Chef Boris is like a young marine god who grew tired of the North Sea and came to check the mildness of the Mediterranean. His home is still an island, which fully defines him. He comes from NOMA, and his Ibizan project is a relaxed 'food studio' divided in two vaguely secret locations. We are taking you to Boris' pirate restaurant, they tell us. If we go there for lunch, we will see if La Finca is open. Blonde hair like thin fantastic seaweed, ice-coloured irises, an Andalusian cowboy hat bigger than him, and a whispered tale every evening, when he turns off the kitchen lights and sits with us. We are not good at saying goodbye, so we linger while leaving Boris and his finca, both beautiful and alien. He comes with us to the entrance way with its feeble candelabras hanging from the tall trees, then hands us over to the darkness of Sant Llorenç's countryside. Our available wilderness on a crowded island…

Words Paola Corini. Photographs Ana Lui. Translation Alessia Andriolo


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