Le Môle Passédat

Marseille, France

Nov 2014

The last floor of a contemporary museum, overlooking the quais and the vieux port, in a new Marseille that resembles a Paris of the future, touched by the Mediterranean Sea: this is the inspirational setting for a remarkable kitchen and restaurant. Le Môle brings all the Mediterranean countries to a table that is simple but elegant: a cutting board with pain paillasse, a white linen cloth and a knife with steel blade. La Cuisine’s antipasti and dessert buffet is a display of small wonders so elegantly arranged that you wouldn’t want to touch it. Fresh pan-fried octopus, cold Lebanese quinoa taboulé with mint and parsley, vine leaves filled with rice and lamb à l’Arménienne, Provençal meringue and lemon cream, and a typically French tarte au chocolat. They call it “restauration casual”: no reservation needed, you sit at a long convivial table within a stylish grand chef hall and eat for a fair price. La Table, “bistrot chic”, with tables close to the window with views over the sea, is the perfect choice for a special occasion.


Words Paola Corini

Translation Raffaella De Tommasi





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