Lievità Pizzeria Gourmet

Milan, Italy

Apr 2016

Pizza Margherita: tomatoes, mozzarella and fresh basil. What if there are nine different Margheritas? What are the differences between them? A one-to-five scale to measure the sweetness of tomatoes in the varieties San Marzano PDO, Pomodorini del Piennolo del Vesuvio PDO, Giallo del Vesuvio, Filetti del pomodoro Sua Eccellenza, Pomodorini di Gragnano dei Monti Lattari, Antico pomodoro Miracolo di S. Gennaro (a Slow Food Presidium), Kumato, and Corbarino. We are happy to type Monti Lattari on Google Maps and leave on a sweet-and-sour journey to the Sorrento Peninsula, along mountain paths where the valuable breed of cattle Agerolese is reared and produces milk for Lievità’s fior di latte. We get lost in the ingredients, in the richness of our country and of the Campania traditions, in the will to listen to the precise story of excellent raw materials. ‘As yellow as the sun, it has a thick skin and firm pulp’. ‘Small, in the shape of a long oval like a pear, it has a thin smooth deep-red skin’. ‘It has been cultivated since the Bourbon period, and it is known all around the world as the peeled tomato par excellence’. We love only seeming simplicity, and are refined gourmets also when dealing with pizza and leavened products. Even if to us pizza means typically Margherita, the Extreme Gourmet pizzas of Lievità surprise us with their combinations and ingredients, precisely named so that the Italian culinary power and beauty reverberate. Stuffed Neapolitan Papaccelle, Cilento’s figs in syrup with chilli, compote of Alifane and Casavecchia onions, Provolone Del Monaco PDO…

Words Paola Corini. Translation Alessia Andriolo

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