Loading Bay

Cape Town, South Africa

Mar 2014

Café, comfort food, apparel. It’s so good to know that you can spend a few hours in a “shop” that sells all the things you love in one place: clementine, rosemary and cedar scented Aesop products (we love Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash), the entire Acne Studios collection (a fashion house from Stockholm) and a finely handpicked selection of similar brands; a totally organic bar-bistro with special smoothies, locally brewed and crafted beers, amazing salads and very interesting Portuguese and Lebanese inspired dishes. Ready to order? Tangy Mash with a lemon grilled chicken breast on a cranberry spinach salad and Man’oushe, freshly baked flatbread with chicken, zataar & lubne. Come and celebrate Burger Night every Thursday evening until late!


Thanks to Catherine Humphries

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