Maison d’être – Coffee House

London, UK

May 2015

Because of this café, Highbury & Islington will become the starting point of your nth wandering in Dalston. As soon as you exit the underground station, point at the black shiny window of Maison D’Être, get in there and stay long. They define themselves as ‘a neighbourhood independent coffee house’, and that is exactly what they are. Hot bread and viennoiseries arrive from E5 Bakehouse – you must know it – beyond the park and London Fields railway. Scones, vegan pies, perfect salty breakfasts and any kind of homemade goodies – the way we like them – are made here, in a small relaxed space with a back garden, modern Londoners and garlands of small coloured flags.

Words Paola Corini

Translation Alessia Andriolo


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