Mercado Sagrado

Los Angeles, USA

Nov 2018

I stepped into the canyon with an idea of what Mercado Sagrado could had been. The peaceful atmosphere, the sky and the trees of the canyon, the feeling of western town flowers, hats, crystal, the crafty handbags, music. Every year in the Los Angeles canyon the Mercado Sagrado is creating a community of art, crafts, music festival, organic living lifestyles, healing energies, food, vintage design clothing, new crafted. The energy of the being in the “past of the future”, the time and space that created the new and the now that is more present. The simplicity of everything that is home made with the love and passion. I stepped in the “future” that carry the most beautiful memories of the past. I want to keep that feeling till the next Mercado Sagrado to come…

Words and pictures Anna Bellati.

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