Estremoz, Portugal

May 2014

We were told that no matter what we’d ordered it would have been delicious.  If you travel to Antelajo, this restaurant and gourmet supermarket is a culinary stop not to be missed. The journey to get here takes you through meadows tinted of violet and yellow where cows graze freely, olive fields and oak forests and lands populated by storks until you get to the beautiful and timeless city of Estremoz, another gem of inland Portugal. Gadanha’s kitchen uses the same ingredients you will have so often tasted in this country: fava beans, aged ham, prawns, potatoes, fresh mushrooms, salted codfish, garlic, coriander, rice, tangerine, extra virgin olive oil and herbs. Yet the combinations are so refined the food here is an authentic work of art, modern and delicious at the same time. There is something traditional yet fresh in the decor of the terrace and the dining room. You leave Estremoz and Gadanh with your heart full of beautiful landscapes, villages and flavours that belong to Portugal’s most intimate tradition.


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