Paris, France

May 2014

We are in the Haut Marais, it’s breakfast time and we walk along a narrow street toward one of our favourite cafés (Café Pinson). We get to a corner shop with a turquoise façade; stop at the smell, fresh and aromatic, of what seems rice with oriental herbs (lemongrass, jasmine, perhaps sesame). We have a look through the window and discover people carefully preparing delicious Parisian bento. No matter where the day will take us, we will come back here for lunch later today and then again and again. On the big blackboard is a list of simple and healthy food: cereal salads, fish with tomato sauce and pistachio and bowls of salmon chirashi. The room is joyful and colourful, just like the desserts. Our favourite was the matcha and raspberry cake; the flavour is a perfectly balanced mix of herbs and fruit, bitter, acid and sweet at the same time. Don’t forget to try the tarte tropezienne, an organic version of a super sexy delight. (57, rue Charlot)

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