Milan, Italy

Jun 2019

Cooking is somehow a form of writing and reading. When prepared with care and talent, a dish can describe a region, a childhood or a person as much as words or pictures would. The Nebbia dishes describe a friendship. The friendship of two cooks, Federico Fiore and Mattia Grilli, and a sommelier, Marco Marone. A few months ago, in via Torricelli 15 in Milan, they started sharing and putting to good use the experiences they gathered working in many distinguished restaurants. Every day they ‘write’ their cuisine, which they love to define as ‘Italian contemporary’, and which is sometimes influenced by the years they spent abroad. ‘Simple, tasty, not cerebral, intelligible to most people and with no frills”; also carefully made and of high quality, just the way we like it.

Words Laura Taccari, translation Alessia Andriolo, photo Simone Fiorini



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