Milan, Italy

Jul 2013

We only discovered it this spring, one day we were sitting at a bar with some new friends chatting about Meraviglia places. We tried it almost immediately and from that day on we’ve got a new favourite address in town. We’d like to take everyone there: sisters, friends, dads and mums. For a relaxed breakfast, a Sunday lunch or an after-theatre dinner. Pasta Madre is a joy that deserves to be shared and here are a few reasons why. Bread and croissants are made only with mother yeast.Pasta is always made fresh in the morning with ancient grains flours. All ingredients come from Sicily and from a greengrocer from the South of Italy. The atmosphere in the kitchen makes you feel part of an extended family. You’ll fall in love with the Chitarrine pasta with fava beans (or green peas) pesto. The beef meatballs are cooked within lemon leaves. You cannot make up your mind on what’s your favourite dessert. And finally, because Pasta Madre is a dream came true. It’s Francesco and Laura’s dream and we never get tired of listening to their story.



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