Pavè Gelati & Granite

Milan, Italy

Apr 2016

An ice-cream workshop and parlour. The signature of the good team of Via Casati, which is a remarkable preamble. Vanilla obtained from the pod, hazelnut (also in the ‘pure’ water-based sorbet version), cream, and almond granita for us eternal kids. Tonka Beans, Coffee and Cardamom, Cacao Beans, and Pineapple, Rocket and Lime for the hippies. Sbrisolona, Pane burro 160 (bread and butter 160, Pavè’s classic apricot croissant), Tarte Tatin for gourmands. Coloured hexagonal cement tiles, polished white tiles, white marble, some salvage furniture and a blackboard with big and clear writings. The new Milanese ice cream parlour, where you will meet us often.

Words Paola Corini. Translation Alessia Andriolo

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