Primo al Pigneto


Jun 2015

It may be named Primo – First – not by chance. Roman foodies remember it as one of the first new-generation restaurants in the capital, established in 2006 in the multi-ethnic Pigneto neighbourhood. You can sit outside and experience the cheerful, faded, peculiar feeling of the working-class suburb, or sit inside if you prefer a renewed retro reception. Order cod croquettes, wild herbs, red onions and capers if you too think that, sometimes, a good fry is right what you need. Otherwise, order scallops with smoked potatoes sauce and lukewarm tagliolini with lemon, fish tartare, raw vegetables and herbs, if in May you always miss the sea, as we do. Or sliced grilled Maremma beef with BBQ sauce and coffee, and buds salad, if tonight you feel like a peculiar carnivore.


 Words Laura Taccari

Translation Alessia Andriolo


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