Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sep 2017

Some inclinations are already evident when you are young. Like Heinrich Harrer’s (Hüttenberg, 6 July 1912 – Friesach, 7 January 2006), who as a boy won the World Student Championship in downhill skiing and as a grownup, on the other side of the world, after perilous adventures and misfortunes, became master and staunch friend of the fourteenth Dalai Lama, as per his bestseller ‘Seven years in Tibet’.

Even if with a less foolhardy disposition, also our inclination for explorations revealed itself quite soon. We took part in various Scout camps, believed in family journeys and dreamt about places we would only visit as adults. So tonight we sit at Proper’s, as suggested by a friend living in Buenos Aires, next to the neighbourhood youth, in what looks like another Palermo. We find the relaxed friendliness, the sincere and industrious open kitchen, the artisanal wood-fired oven, the libertine atmosphere and the elegant and at the same time raw bowls that on our ‘hunting notebook’ are listed as ‘market-to-table’. In the words of the curious, scrupulous and tireless ‘explorers’ we have always been.

Words Laura Taccari. Photo Courtesy Proper. Translation Alessia Andriolo. An artisanal travel experience curated by Mai 10.


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