Lombardy, Italy

Dec 2018

You may not know that the first successful hybrid by Nazareno Strimpelli was the Carlotta wheat, named after his wife and assistant Carlotta Parisani. Among the numerous Semente Elette (select seeds) that the revolutionary agronomist, politician and geneticist created, you can find specialities such as the famous Senatore Cappelli and the Ardito, a soft wheat rich in proteins and with little gluten. Sketch is the perfect place to taste an unknown wheat, to listen to the story of a young aviculturist who rears rare hens, and to find out that you should fish for Menaica anchovies at dusk, when the sea is calm. Sketch is the perfect place to choose a selection of ‘small meals’, and natural wines made with the highest respect for Nature. Finally, you can sip a ‘caffè-filtro’ (filtered coffee) of high-quality coffee roasted as you wait. The furnishings were also carefully selected: nothing is superfluous; every item is refined and necessary. In Via XX Settembre in Mantua, a street we love for many reasons.

Words Laura Taccari. Photo Paolo Barbi. Translation Alessia Andriolo.


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