Stockholm, Sweden

Feb 2015

A gastronomic bistro, it borders on the walls of the valued Gastrologik and shares its cuisines, its inspirations and its delicate character. Three small community tables in a little windowed room, and the exceptional ability to make the meal common but personal. The large chalk blackboard on the wall displays a short menu for dinner and a shorter one for lunch that always manage to sum up both of Sweden’s souls – land and sea – with fish, game, or poultry courses. When asked for a vegetarian improvisation, the Chef will smoothly reply with a wonderful tower of mashed cauliflower, stewed savoy cabbage, crisp black kale, and buttered toasted hazelnuts, served in a round sky-blue piece of pottery. Any apple and vanilla dessert introduces a new beautiful culinary chapter. You won.


Words Paola Corini

Translation Alessia Andriolo



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