Los Angeles, USA

Aug 2016

Savory breakfasts consist of rice (Kokuko Rose Brown Rice) served in a soup plate with sorrel pesto, available in two different versions: a gentler one, steam-cooked with candied Meyer lemon, poached egg, sheep feta and radish, and a stronger one, sauté with shallot, mint, coriander, cucumber, ginger, house-made sausage and sunny-side-up egg. Sweet breakfasts are made of an oversized, thick, burnt Brioche Toast, with a generous portion of ricotta cheese and overflowing seasonal jam. Squirl serves savory and sweet breakfasts until 4 PM, but you will still find quite a few people queuing at that time. Hidden behind a flowering Pink Trumpet Tree on the edge of the Silver Lake neighborhood, it is our favourite pace in L.A.. Please share.

Words Paola Corini. Translation Margherita Di Giovannantonio

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