Trempeskill Country Store

Catskills, Usa

Mar 2017

Once upon a time, Candy and Edchin – a teacher and an engineer respectively – lived in Long Island. They arrived in Andes, NY, by chance, and became fond of the town. Therefore, when they found out that the Gas Station business was for sale, they decided that this would be a nice place to live. We, too, arrived in Andes by chance and, thanks to them, became immediately fond of the town, of their love story and of their peculiar gas station/diner/shop. Get here hungry and rely on Candy. She will disappear into the kitchen and come back with a giant version of your toasted sandwich. You will wolf it down sitting at the one informal table of the shop, among the shelves of vintage toys and preserves.

Words and pictures Laura Taccari. Translation Alessia Andriolo.

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