Wakuden Muromachi

Kyoto, Japan

May 2015

It will not suffice travelling the narrow streets beyond the big main roads, full of cinematographic cues, going up the Kyoto Tower at sunset, visiting the many temples and shrines, or getting lost in the peaceful Zen gardens. In order to comprehend the hidden charm of Kyoto, even the less adventurous palates should try at least once the kaiseki cuisine, which boasts an age-old fame in this city. Wakuden Muromachi is the address to keep in mind. Dinner resembles a ritual in the ceremony of its gestures, the extreme elegance of its ceramics, and the extraordinariness of its courses composed of precise sculptures. A mix of sweet, sharp, extreme, strong, and subtle flavours. Easy or not, they will touch you and give you a deeper understanding of Japanese culture.



Thanks to Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO)

Words Laura Taccari

Photos Luca De Santis

Translation Alessia Andriolo



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