Yakumo Saryo

Tokyo, Japan

Apr 2015

We love the expression “by heart” as it implies that the heart is involved in the act of remembering. From our meal at Yakumo Saryo we remember every fine detail by heart. From the quiet streets of the Yakumo neighbourhood to the beautiful objects and spaces we walked through on the way to our long wooden table. We remember the entrance gate, the wooden steps, the noren, the garden, the glass and wooden veranda, the wagashi counter and the corridors. And we remember the sequence of movements with which the chef was preparing and serving each dish. It was without doubt the most amazing lunch of our journey in the Japanese archipelago. Yakumo Sayo is the embodiment of that modern-day Japan we got totally seduced by. "Day after day, In the words we speak, in the food we eat, in the tableware we use, There are many faceless people allowing me to be who I am" (Shinichiro Ogata, Founder of design studio Simplicity). Dining club and tea house in Meguro-ku, Tokyo.


Thanks to Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO)

Words Paola Corini

Photo Luca De Santis

Translation Raffaella De Tommasi



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