by Polina Liarostathi

Jul 2013

Polina is an Interior & Product Designer born in Athens, currently living in London. Design is present in every aspect of Polina’s life and her RSS list with design blogs and magazines is constantly growing, feeding her endless need to stay updated about the world of creativity.



The perfect breakfast

Hidden in a quiet and green alley in N.Erithrea, Athens, All About Lemon is the cutest brasserie I’ve ever been in Athens. A lovely place to have your early coffee and your lemon based dessert. Even though breakfast is not quite popular in the Greek society, its cosy atmosphere is surely a good reason to wake up early and enjoy the sun with friends.

Your favourite home delivery

To Kolibri is one of the most well known gourmet and cost effective fast food restaurants in the centre of Athens, offering one of the tastiest burgers you can try in the city. It is definitely my first choice for home delivery while enjoying a gathering with good friends.

Your best kept secret place

Aspro Piato is an adorable restaurant with exceptional food in Zografou, Athens. A group of friends created this cosy space with an eye for details and they managed to make it an exceptional choice for a wide target group. Gaining more and more publicity Aspro Piato is not only offering quality food but also nights full of music and fun.

The Sunday lunch

Mama Roux is placed right in the centre of Athens and with a hip attitude and a huge range of dishes it is becoming one of the best choices for a good Sunday lunch.

Your Anniversary restaurant

Da Ciro is an Italian restaurant placed in N. Erithrea, Athens with delicate interior design and exceptional dishes.

The dinner with friends

Nikiforos is a traditional tavern in Abelokipous, Athens, run by young and friendly people within an inviting atmosphere. Their key to success is not only the low cost dishes but also the surprisingly huge quantities of home made food.

If you lost your keys, in which hotel would you spend a night?

Live in Athens is a group of apartments designed and managed by a group of young people, who all share the same passion, design. I would definitely spend a night in one of them; depending on my mood and the company I have with me, as the apartments range from sophisticated lofts to cosy and inviting spaces.


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