by Paola Corini

Jan 2014

Paola loves the sun when it’s not too strong, the smell of herbs, the colour combination of Botswana’s Lilac-breasted Roller, freshly baked bread, mountain air, people who smile, words and summer fruit. Up to one year ago writing and traveling were the extraordinary, yet in 2013 she founded Meraviglia Paper together with Laura and became a self-assured Travel Editor. She keeps thinking that traveling in this world is extraordinary, magical, and essential.


The perfect breakfast

In the mountains: homemade strawberry jam, mountain butter, fresh bread, coffee, cheeses and honey. It doesn’t matter if it’s Upper Engadin (Hotel FexPensiun Chesa PoolHotel Lej da Staz), High Savoy (Les Fermes de Marie) or South Tyrol (Virgilius Mountain Resort). I must admit though that the Muesli Tart at Babylonstoren is a summer breakfast of rare taste and beauty.

Your favourite home delivery

“Good morning”. It’s 5am and the sky of Botswana is brightening up. The big tent at Jack’s Camp is unzipped and a wooden tray graciously left at the entrance, next to an oil lamp lit with matches. A silver carafe with black coffee kept warm by a ripe-peach velvet cover, sugar and four biscuits, round and crumbly. Does this count as home delivery?

Your best kept secret place

Cyclades islands, Mykonos, Beach of Agios Sostis, Taverna Kiki's. Spinach salad with balsamic vinegar, sunflower seeds and manouri cheese and grilled octopus. Eating under the shadow of a large tree after a day in the sun, on one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. A more secret place? Villasalto has only a few houses of warm and earthy colours. His restaurant is recognizable only for the quality stickers on the door. Paolo Perella is a multi awarded chef who retired to his wife’s village, a few kilometres up a hill on the gorgeous Costa Rei, with the intention to get closer to Sardinian old women to learn traditional recipes and look daily for local ingredients. Once you’re in, every detail will make you feel like you’ve stepped into the Italy of the past from Morricone’s song “C'era una volta in America” playing on the radio to the superb food journey: pistachio ice-cream, goat cheese ricotta, corbezzolo honey and plenty of mosto cotto. The restaurant is not open every day of the week, nor it’s always open at lunch and dinner. You will have to agree on the phone when to come to his “laboratory”.

The Sunday lunch

At Babylonstoren Farm's Babel Restaurant, sitting at one of their wooden tables outside in the clear light of a sunny midday of December. Fresh Green Juice, Red Salad (beetroot, water melon, strawberries, radish, plums, roasted tomatoes, red onion, balsamic vinegar, pepper corns and parmesan), 100% rye bread, 'hang hop' (homemade cheese made of yoghourt), smoked chicken and smoked trout. And to finish off, one of the 'decadent subtly sweet, bitter, sour, savoury elegant desserts with a twist". Everything "fresh from the garden".

Your anniversary restaurant

On the pink lime-washed terrace of El Fenn riad, overlooking the roofs and sky of the medina of Marrakech. We will then choose a film (Taste of Cherry from Abbas Kiarostami) to watch in the small cinema room, just the two of us.

The dinner with friends

I love neo-bistros for grown up and globetrotter foodies managed by talented young and hipster chefs where you can order food never seen and never tested before. If suddenly one day they all went out of fashion, let's book a table at The Pot Luck Club for our dinner together. Woodstock, on the fifth floor of the Old Biscuit Mill. A glass lift takes you to the coolest panoramic restaurant in Cape Town. Inside and outside the total black of a Cape Town evening, inside and outside lights as it was a time for celebration. European and Asian influenced dishes with a contemporary twist to share and order more and more of.

If you lost your keys, in which hotel would you spent the night?

Bregalia, room n.4 of Hotel Piz Linard in Lavin, Lower Engadin. I'm actually thinking of faithfully reproducing it in my flat in Milan, bathroom included.


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