by David Beltran e Federica Marziale

Feb 2014

David was born in Colombia, right after his twin brother. Federica was born in Italy and was 17 days late. He likes to wake up with the sun on his face, she likes brioche with raspberry jam. He is into communication, entertainment and scenography, can play any instrument, can't stand still and is a talented chef. She is into graphics, makes books, collects tinplate boxes, takes photos of everything she likes and draws flowers. Together, they keep a moneybox and a beautiful collection of elephants. They believe in big and small quiet revolutions and are fascinated by all the big Revolucionarios. Today, they live in Milan and are the founders of Healthy Food. Tomorrow, they will move to Mexico.

The perfect breakfast

Knocking at a bakery's door at 5am and offer them a coffee in exchange for warm bread and a few brioches. When we're not at home we close our eyes and pretend that there's a Rose Bakery round the corner.

Your favourite home delivery

We don't often go for home delivery; we prefer the sensation of holding a warm meal between the hands and waiting for the moment when we'll eat it. Pho Thin ad Hanoi in Vietnam is the best place we've been to for take away. We got the most delicious Pho, rich and abundant. You just need to point a number and they take care of the rest.

Your best-kept secret place

We keep a handbook where we write down about beautiful things. We have a long list with the time, day and address of all the markets we go to. They're our secret places because they make us feel free and part of a community. The latest place we've added to the list is Paris, metro Marcadet Poissoniers; you walk only a few metres before you can immerse yourself in the African neighbourhood. It’s absolutely stunning. It wasn't easy to get the African women to talk to us and yet it was a beautiful and intense experience.

The Sunday lunch

Diner, 85 Broadway, Williamsburg, you sit down, the waiter comes to your table and writes the menu on the paper tablecloth. You feel tempted to tear that piece of tablecloth off and take it away with you. We're in New York City.

The Anniversary restaurant

The table for special occasions is in Morocco, in Essouira. It's a place with no name and no address, not sure if it exists for real. The fish is caught on the day and served in colourful Moroccan terracotta plates. You eat with your hands, sitting at a big square table with a beautiful but dangerous gas cylinder ready to explode to make light. A complimentary Moroccan salad is served with the biggest smiles we've ever seen. A group of cats waits under the table. A place suspended in time.

Dinner with friends

A dinner with friends is the jolliest event ever. Our favourite place is in Colombia, in Bogota at Andrés carne de res. Andrés is crazy, he’s a compulsive buyer and stores everything he buys in his restaurant to amuse his clients. It's a place for "dancers" according to Ken Robinson's definition of the word: anyone who whenever they do something, speak, think or eat, they can't stand still.

If you lost your keys, in which hotel would you spend a night?

If we lost our keys we would build a hut with flowery bed-sheets, tablecloths with palm trees, ethnic patterns, candles, plants, parrots and some of the many other bits and pieces from David's rucksack. If we were totally free from any impediments we would get on the first flight to Playa del Carmen in Mexico and spend the night awake wearing fins and life buoys and listening to Chromatics’ “Kill for love”, at Hotel Basico.


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