My springtime

by Giorgia Eugenia Goggi

Jul 2018

We admire Giorgia’s cooking skills and her being in-house chef at one of our favourite places, Masseria Moroseta. There is no menu, each dinner is unique and depends on her daily inspiration and on the vegetable garden’s yield.

A book you would take with you on a journey

One hundred years of solitude by Gabriel García Márquez. I would read it again and again. It takes you at once to a different dimension between dream, magic and reality.

The ideal souvenir

I keep looking for new ingredients and spices. I love getting lost in markets, smelling and tasting everything. My pantry is full of mysterious little jars from all over the world and I cannot imagine cooking without exotic spices.

The best breakfast ever

At Corner 108 in Copenhagen. Their perfect puff pastry and surprising combinations deserve a special praise.

I am also keen on soft-boiled eggs with caviar, freshly baked bread and butter.

 The best place for an outdoor lunch

I am strongly attached to Erba Brusca restaurant, in Milan. I worked there for a long time. They have a beautiful veranda overlooking the vegetable garden, and Alice’s cuisine is definitely unique in the city.

A holiday place from your childhood

My parents and I spent weeks sailing in Greece. We had long bathes, dived from the rocks, fished, and ate grilled souvlaki and French fries in the ports’ restaurants.

A dream beach

A deserted beach on the northern side of Koh Kood Island, in Thailand. I found it by chance while I was riding my moped around.

The postcard you hope to send

From Mexico City.

Your summer ritual

Lazy breakfasts lasting until early in the afternoon. A long table in the shadow, a lot of food, newspapers, chit-chat, and my old friends.

Your list of places to visit

I dream of South America, and Peru above all; then China, Indonesia and Nepal. An island I would always go back to is Koh Rhong, in Cambodia. It is still extremely wild, and its nature unspoiled.

Special thanks Masseria Moroseta. Cover by  @ingridhofstra

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