by Hattie Fox

Nov 2013

"You'll probably have to come say hi for me to really explain my continuous curiosity with plants – my obsession to better my knowledge about them and my genuine daily amazement at the way they present themselves. Then you might get what I'm on about, get why they're a part of my lifestyle – it's not something I can explain but I know if I'm not doing this I'm not being myself. This thing we're doing, I say 'we' because I have an army of green fingered helpers who deserve an applause….This thing works because of all of the other favourite things in life, like late 90's hip-hop, avocados, coffee, hats (all varieties; caps, beanies, cowboy?) my van, a constant desire to be by the sea, my dad, new Nikes, arboretums, leopard prints, first harvest of tomatoes/lettuce/melons/chillis – all that kind of other normal life stuff". Hattie Fow, Flower Designer, ThatFlowerShop



The perfect breakfast

My favourite breakfast is Ruby's on Hoxton Square!

Your favourite home delivery

For me it's more of a treat to have the time to really cook – there's a great organic greengrocers opposite my flat – perfect for interesting foods . I'm a vegetarian so i have a plethora of different salad combinations up my sleeves.

Your best kept secret place

There's a hill on my Dads farm, you can see right across the valleys, whenever I go home. I like to walk there early in the morning and watch the sunrise. I've done this ever since i was tiny.

The Sunday lunch

I recently just remembered how much i love The Island Queen in Islington – I'm a veggie and there's always more than 2 options that don't include mushrooms or goats cheese .

Your anniversary restaurant

I'll let you know when i have my anniversary…

The dinner with friends

Polpo in Soho or St. John in Spitalfields.

If you lost your keys, in which hotel would you spent the night?

Ace in Shoreditch obviously!!!




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