by Roberta Rusconi e Luca Merli

Sep 2016

Luca, born in Milan, surfer, film director – Roberta, born in Bari, David Bowie fan, fashion editor for "D" (La Repubblica's weekly style magazine). Lola and Diego's parents. We love good food and travelling, especially if we go to the seaside or visit cities of art.


What to read if traveling alone.

Luca: I would read Milan Kundera or Herman Hesse.

Roberta: Biographies and autobiographies, like "Nahui" by Pino Cacucci or "Life" by Keith Richards.

The souvenir you would love to find.

L: I like to come back from the places I visit with stones and sand, but I also like to go to second-hand shops or flea markets.

R: Soaps, candles and body creams made with local herbs.

Three things from your summer breakfast.

L: Fruit, fruit and peanut butter.

R: Coffee, coffee and coffee.

Favourite lunch table in the world.

L: A boat in the sea.

R: A terrace overlooking the sea.

Favourite Drink.

L: Spritz.

R: I've recently been in Lisbon at Cantinho do Avillez and I had an amazing drink with gin and basil, the best of my life.

Dream Beach.

L: So many for many different reasons, but I would probably say Sardinian east coast.

R: Wherever there is a palm tree that touches the blue sea.

What do you like to cook?

L: I like to BBQ and make risotto.

R: I like to experiment new recipes all the time.

A song that will be with you.

L: "A Forest", The Cure.

R: "Heroes" by David Bowie.

The postcard you would send

L: Postcards with palms are a must.

R: Tacky postcards.

Your unforgettable house in the woods.

L: I love tree houses, I wish I will manage to build one myself.

R: I would love to go to Sweden at the Treehotel.

An old Italian pop song plays: “Per quest’anno non cambiare, Stessa spiaggia, stesso mare.” This year, don’t change. Same beach, same sea. Which is your summer ritual?

L: Surfing as much as possible to remember those days during long winter nights.

R: Let’s discover the world!




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