by Sébastien Siraudeau

Jun 2013

Sébastien is a writer and photographer. His books and articles are unforgettable travels in search of places and objects that belong to the past. France with its second hand shops, isolated villages and marchés aux puces is one of his favourite subjects.



The perfect breakfast

The basics: exit metropolitan and stop in a bistrot around the corner to catch an espresso and a croissant “au comptoir”. Le Luxe: just spread some “beurre Bordier” (salted) on the croissant!

Your favourite home delivery

Except for wine, I mean the best Rosé de Provence I know: “Château Lafoux“. This family made wine has a very clear color between pink and salmon and is very, very fresh. The bottle is thin and elegant, and the wine exists also in white and red, for every season! You can order online.

Your best kept secret place

Right now it’s a new spot in the heart of Paris called Edgar (a few pics on my blog ;-). This restaurant (and hôtel) has just opened in Le Sentier. Delightful dishes mainly cooked with fishes and shellfishes. For the dessert I highly recommend the french rice pudding with caramel!

The Sunday lunch

I must be very french, because it is the traditional “Poulet du Dimanche” (this meal has been celebrated in the XVIth century by Henry IV….). This one comes from a local producer, met on my Sunday morning market. Then I cook and share it with family or friends at la Maison Pelé, I mean, at home! (You’re welcome).

Your Anniversary restaurant

This occasion means “grande table” and “chef étoilé” but it only happens once a year ;-(
 Next year I would love to taste Thoumieux, famous Jean-François Piège famous restaurant.

Dinner with friends

The most important are the friends! Make a date, and then, improvise. I recently spent really good times – with friends – at L’ Homme Tranquille in Montmartre, funny parisian style, the new Da Rosa Epicerie-Cantine  at the Sofitel Arc de Triomphe (rue Beaujon), Nanashi for its bentos (rue Charlot) or Square Gardette for the French food and brocantage style, the first La Pizzetta (avenue Trudaine), Grazie (Boulevard Beaumarchais), or Caffé Burlot (Champs Elysées) for the Italian style.

If you lost your keys, in which hotel would you spend a night?

My car – joke. 
So I drive my car and  make a one-nite stop at the delightful L’Epicerie du Pape, cosy and friendly bed and breakfast in Normandy, then move to north at Les Tourelles (Le Crotoy, you know), or move to west at La Baie des Anges  (the end of the world). But I know that a bed will always be ready there, a family friendly bed and breakfast located in a charming French petit port – Dahouet –  which reminds me the delightful feelings I had when I discover the little villages of your “Riviera ligure di Levante”. Souvenirs from Vernazza!




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