Traveler’s Picks

by Kobus van der Merwe

Mar 2014

Poetic and delicately daring, chef Kobus serves seasons in a plate. You would think his inspiration comes from Northern Europe, yet Kobus lives in a fishermen’s village on South Africa West Coast. His neo-bistro Oep ve Koep is a small garden, wild and authentic at the same time, just like him. The only access is from the small family souvenir shop. A West Coast odyssey, eating plants, heritage food, Paternoster, wine, desktop travel, bokkoms on toast, Cape Columbine, strandveld, Kalkbaai, baking bread, veldkos, seekos, Tietiesbaai (from Kobus's blog, Sardines On Toast): Kobus’ vocabulary – half English and half Afrikaans, 100% South African – tells all about him and his imaginary world, and all about nature.  

If you could close your eyes and be somewhere else, where would you want to be?

On a beach in Zanzibar.

The restaurant where you feel at home.

Cafe Macaroca in Inhambane, Mozambique.

A hotel room that makes you nostalgic.

Hotel Santa Cruz, Maputo, Mozambique.

A travel you could do over and over again without getting bored.

A train ride from Cape Town to Pretoria.

A dish that recently surprised you.

A dessert of sweetcorn, fromage blanc, wild raspberries and wood sorrel at Saturne in Paris.

A holiday place from your childhood.

Vredebron, my grandfather's farm in the Kalahari.

If a kid asked you to take him/her on a trip, where would that be?

On a roadtrip exploring small towns in Southern Africa.

If you could choose a dream place to celebrate what would that be?

Muisbosskerm, an open air restaurant on the West Coast of South Africa.

A view you will never forget.

From my bedroom window every morning, the view of Kasteelberg, a 1400 year old Khoi holy site.

Your Meraviglia address that can’t be missing from our collection.

Stone Town, Zanzibar.

A place you wish it was just round the corner.

Tofo Beach, Mozambique.

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