Traveler’s Picks

by Zoie Kingsbery Coe

Mar 2014

Zoie is the force behind Kid & Coe, a family accommodation website offering design-led family-friendly places to stay around the world, from cottages in Greece to apartments in New York City. She believes that exciting travel does not have to stop once you have had children – hence the company motto ‘Bring the Kids!’. Prior to creating the business, she spent years managing her musician husband’s business, touring the world with him and their children.

If you could close your eyes and be somewhere else, where would you want to be?

Ibiza, eating a big grilled fish and drinking a bottle of Rosado. It’s my happy place.

The restaurant where you feel at home.

I love Il Buco in New York and Kiki’s in Mykonos.

A hotel room that makes you nostalgic.

There’s a place about 2 hours north of Taiwan where I stayed in a beautiful hotel on a lake, surrounded by koi fish.

A travel you could do over and over again without getting bored.

New York to London.

A dish that recently surprised you.

My husband’s Korean-style pork lettuce wraps.

A holiday place from your childhood.

Road trip in my family’s Volvo and exploring foreign countries with my parents, because my mom was a flight attendant, back when it was a glamorous job.

If a kid asked you to take him/her on a trip, where would that be?

Somewhere with wide open spaces, far removed from the normalcy of city life, where they could get their hands dirty in the earth.

If you could choose a dream place to celebrate, what would that be?

Patagonia. We have a ranch on Kid & Coe that would be perfect – wide aopen space for the kids, and Argentinian red wine for my friends and family.

A view you will never forget.

The top floor of the Park Hyatt in Tokyo is pretty astounding. And being sat in a tiki hut in Bora Bora, surrounded by turquoise water and nothing else.

Your Meraviglia address that can’t be missing from our collection.

That’s too difficult to answer – we have so many beautiful properties! We love Brazil, our Trancoso property, and I would love to explore Cornwall with my family.

A place you wish it was just round the corner.

Union Square Wines in New York.


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