Massachusetts, USA

by Holly Lynton

Apr 2013

Holly, photographer. "I make large-scale, color photographs that address how disconnected we are from the natural world, and express my longing to be more connected through fantasies where a balance has been struck. Sometimes, I respond spontaneously to an event. Other times, I recreate one." Recently, she left New York for Massachusetts farm country.



The perfect breakfast

The perfect breakfast is poached or fried eggs with cucumber, tomato, and avocado and a slice of sourdough toast.  

Your favorite home delivery

A surprise gift of flowers is always the best home delivery.

Your best kept secret place

I live in a rural town with no restaurants but wonderful farms so home cooking is what we do mostly here with direct farm to table, organically grown, amazing meats, vegetables and dairy.  

The Sunday lunch

For restaurant treats, I travel. When in New York City or LA, Japanese is my go to cuisine. LA has amazing sushi, and in New York, my two favorites are Sushi Yasuda and Omen for more traditional food. Recently, I was in Charleston, South Carolina, and had a meal at McCrady's. One of the best of my life.  

Your Anniversary restaurant

An anniversary restaurant would be at one never tried, or if lucky a return to be on the island of Paros, Greece, where we met and got engaged, and spent our 10th wedding anniversary. 

Dinner with friends 

I am fortunate to have friends who love cooking as much as I do, and cook as well as any chef. Dinner parties here are a weekly occurrence, filling our weekends with good food AND good company.

If you lost your keys, in which hotel would you spend a night?

If I lost my keys, I'd be locked out of my house. I might call on a neighbor to let me in, or else would probably sleep at a friends, but if those were no option, I'd drive to nearby renovated Inn. A hotel anywhere (as long as it's clean and comfortable) is a treat, but ideally I'd teleport to one more luxurious than here. I once got locked in my son's bedroom, with my son and daughter, when we lived in London and my husband was in Amsterdam. It all ended well, and is a funny tale, but that's for another interview.




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