Paolo Atti e Figli

Emilia Romagna, Italy

Dec 2018

Pushing the glass door of the shop at 7 Via Caprarie feels like turning the page of a tale that started in 1868. Back then, Paolo Atti came to town to work as a baker, still unconscious of the fate that would lead him to start the dynasty of Bolognese gastronomy that still boasts his name. On a Saturday morning, the phone keeps ringing. Returning customers order trays of fresh pasta and cakes for the Sunday lunch. The saleswomen take notes and turns at the counter, weigh tortelli, ravioli and zuppa reale, close packets, talk in an irresistible family jargon and fill the windows with season’s specials. Every gesture and every detail make you think of the now rare rituals of Italian province that remain the same as time passes by. Since we grew up in a province, for us it is deeply seducing and inspiring to find and share ‘wonders’ handed down for generations that remind us of the shops we went to with our mothers. Especially when those wonders still belong to the same family as we tell their stories.

Words Laura Taccari. Translation Alessia Andriolo.

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