Brucke 49

Vals, Switzerland

Feb 2013

Love for simple and quality things and attention to details brought Ruth and Thomas to open a bed and breakfast on the “sunny side” of Vals. At Meraviglia paper, we deeply share the same values and that’s why there’s nothing we would change about Brucke 49. Starting from the original plans made in Paris in 1902, this is in many ways a special place. Rooms are larger than usual and ceilings are higher. Design inspired, the decor is a perfect balance of rustic and vintage. Every morning, they bake their own seeded bread for breakfast, while everything else is sourced from local farmers: milk, cheese, fruit, yogurt, jam, bunderfleisch (dry meat). The library and the family kitchen are open to the clients. “This is a villa that you will be happy to use as your home”.

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