Finca Valentina

Salta, Argentina

Feb 2013

Salta is not the attracting city that many book-guides describe. However, it’s the heart of a land of infinite beauty. It’s the ideal stop from where to set off in different directions. Finca Valentina is a divine shelter; it’s the house to come back to. Fabrizio and Valentina welcome you as their family in their beautiful and sophisticated casale where intimacy and quiet reign. Early in the morning, you wake up to a light and persistent bird singing. A breakfast of vanilla milk and crunchy muesli, scones, freshly baked pastry and spreadable dulce de leche awaits you on beautifully embroidered linen tablecloths. The delicious food is wisely prepared by female Argentinian hands but inspired to the Italian culinary tradition. At dinner, you talk about Puna and the martial landscapes that some still have impressed in their eyes and others know they will come back to see again.


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