Hotel Skeppsholmen

Stockholm, Sweden

Jan 2015

Spending a few winter nights in Stockholm and waking up to the apricot dawn in the bay beyond the thin trees, the frozen quay and the sailing ships of Skeppsholmen Island, is to us one of the most natural ways to enjoy the Swedish capital. And pretending – but not so much – to be the guests of a pacific country residence that can be reached only through a small bridge or by sea, aboard a boat. Slowly, almost at a walking pace. The long building dates back to 1690. Having housed the Swedish Navy, it shares the DNA of a tidy and rational place with the right touch of majesty. Skeppsholmen Hotel is this, as well as the fragrance of birch wood and multi-coloured fruit-flavoured sweets, the creamy consistency of scrambled eggs at breakfast, the sunlight on crisp bread loaves, the salty almonds at sunset in the turquoise drawing room, a walk on the waterfront in the morning, and the skyline of Djurgården amusement park.​

Words Paola Corini

Translation Alessia Andriolo




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