Lamai Serengeti

Tanzania, Africa

Dec 2015

On that part of undulate valley of peculiar beauty and abundant wildlife, the extreme north of Tanzania, close to Mara River and its true legend of the Great Migration, close to Kenya where we see coloured hot-air balloons flying in the morning, Lamai wakes up every day. The lodge is a sweet mirage at dusk, a few shiny dots in the most absolute nature, recalling the first evening stars. Once inside, you’d swear that you are alone and that your room – which is the size of a wonderful little house – was mounted in the big ochre rocks of Kogakuria Kopje like the most precious treasure, so that no one can easily find it. The soft walls of smoothed stone in the delicate colours of earth and sky, the straw on the dome-shaped roof, the black ‘30s lamp on the private writing desk overlooking the plain, the butter-coloured raw-wool blankets, the small square folk canvas, the glasses and jugs made of blown glass, and all the breakfast/lunch/dinner sets of the noblest linen and cotton, as fresh as winter summer. Each one of these objects has a 100%-Tanzanian story, majestically directed by an English woman bursting with creativity and sweetness (Serena Mason, Camp Operations Manager, Nomad Tanzania). Lamai’s cuisine is pure poetry: the fresh and warm salads buffet at lunch is the perfect combination of vegetarian foods you would order in a Californian restaurant, whereas daily bread seems made by an Italian bakery. Lamai is an extremely elegant lodge with the best Bohemian soul, light and feminine, to which add the light and the incomparable vastness of Africa.

Words and photos Paola Corini. Translation Alessia Andriolo. Thanks to Nomad Tanzania. 



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