Le Grand Bellevue

Gstaad, Switzerland

Apr 2014

This is a place of miracles and wonders. At Le Grand Bellevue they’ve preserved the superb class of a Grand Hotel, the only one in the exclusive village of Gstaad. A huge yellow cream cake with towers, balconies, parasols and a Swiss flag on top as a candle. It’s been stripped of all the more obvious classic and bourgeois details and reinvented with pride in a refined eclectic contemporary style: shades of yellow and turquois, wall papers with birds, elegant and colourful fresh flowers compositions, coffee brown tweeds, red-purple checks and art deco lamps. Every detail makes you smile, like the gold pineapple (symbol of hospitality) on the appliques and keys, so unexpected, exotic and noble. Guests are embraced by dust velvet seats at Leonard’s (1 Michelin star) and nut leather seats at the Bar. The atmosphere is that of a London or New York private club, unique and totally international. In Le Grand Spa, indulge in aromatic saunas at the scent of alpine herbs and orange peel, Hymalayan salt, blue lights and pink quartz. For lunch, on the quiet sun-drenched terrace, order le Grand Burger: succulent beef, gruyere, bacon, tomato, red onion, cucumber and barbecue sauce in a delicious bun. Breakfast is pure elegance: shiny plum cake, pan brioche, pain au chocolat and scrambled eggs with herbs. Still to discover: yoga classes, sushi bar, afternoon tea and the wine cellar. This is a place of miracles and wonders. 


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