Lodge Park

Megève, France

Nov 2014

The Beef Lodge could be the bistro one cannot miss in Milan, a contemporary steak house with shiny brick-red tiles in the in-sight kitchen, a perfect cut of tenderloin of bœuf de Simmental, and the creamiest pot of mashed potatoes ever. Outside, the swimming pool looks like the most seraphic and desirable corner of a Provençal villa – a wall of green cypresses, hydrangeas, deckchairs and towels the colour of soft lavender, the elegant pool and the sky-blue water. Inside, the tartan padded walls, the deer antlers, the hunt relics and the burgundy leathers – wild and sophisticated at the same time – echo sports and hobbies stories that belong to other men and other times. However, you are in Haute-Savoie, in Megève’s town centre, where celebrities sleep and, above all, where Les Fermes de Marie and its Alpage are.



Words Paola Corini

Translation Alessia Andriolo


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